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~ Book One: Alysa of the Fields
~ Book Two:
The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun

~ Book Three, in development: The Monx of the Roaming Star

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Reader Comments
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Book One

Excerpts for a new book are like trailers for movies, and Tina’s excerpt of Alysa of the Fields certainly whets my desire to read the entire book. I read Tina’s excerpt for [audio book] audition purposes, but the high school teacher in me could only think, ‘What a perfect book for teaching.’

Students seldom see the value of ‘imagery’ in writing, and yet Tina’s first few pages set the fantasy scenes so perfectly with powerful imagery...fodder for proving that imagery not only sparks our creative minds, but lets us truly ‘see’ setting...I particularly liked her clever exposition revealed through character interaction, rather than narration...and my special focus in discussions of ‘little life lessons’...the choices characters make...the roads not taken as we follow Alysa’s just reading the excerpt I felt motivated to want to teach again after several years out of the classroom.

I hope educators read this book and see its value, as I do. We need good science fiction that appeals to all ages.

I could teach this to ninth graders as well as many levels for discussions. Not only do I want to read the entire book, I want to read any book written by Tina Howe.”

Suzy McGee, retired high school teacher, Akron, Ohio


Fanart by Meredith Gaylo


Alysa of the Fields took me right out of my world and square into hers! A terrific journey! An important book for our time…”

Kathie Christensen, Producer, Continuum Pictures, Las Vegas, NV


“Your book is the best book I have ever read in my life!!!!!! I can’t wait till your second book comes out!! I even posted when it is coming out on my mirror!!!!!”

Tommi Lynn Schieder, student

“A thoroughly engaging novel that I couldn't put down. The characters felt very real and I could really see what Alysa and Szaren were experiencing. A very good read for youth and elder readers alike...plenty for all walks of life. It's an interesting take on social order and coming to terms with growing up and change in and around one's life. Alysa of the Fields feels like a true labor of love. Thanks Tina!”

Cindy Scott, Corning, NY


“I enjoyed reading your book and I found it captivating. It should certainly have a great appeal to young adults interested in adventure, danger and just the right slant on romance. I would recommend it to young adults as well worth their time. Good luck on your next book.” 

Greg Lamb, Corning, NY


“I just finished Alysa of the Fields; thank you for a great book and the start of an excellent series. I’m a little old for young peoples books (66), but find that I enjoy them as much or even more than the adult stuff I generally read. I’m already a fan of Cornelia Funke and her series, now I’m adding you to the list!”  

Ken Burket, Horseheads, NY


“Tina, excellent book. I will be waiting for the next leg of the journey.”  

Rita Maury, Waverly, NY


“I enjoyed the story. It was inspiring and shows what can be done if one feels enough passion to see it through to the end of the chapter that they are going through in their lives. This book gives us what I feel the world in your soul calling. Thanks for writing it Tina. I was inspired by your words!! I can’t wait for the second one.”  

Dawn Gilliard, owner, Jivin’ Java, Waverly, NY


“I believe you have in you the capability of being on a literary level with the likes of Ursula K. LeGuin - your book was very entertaining and am anxiously looking forward to its sequel. I can see a Nebula Award in your future!!”  

Ray Gavin, retired production supervisor, Corning, NY


“I enjoyed Alysa of the Fields very much; it’s practically all I could think about after reading it.  I am looking forward to Part II. I read as much as I had time for each night... I laughed, I cried and felt a great pride for Alysa for being so strong-willed. your book has provoked many feelings in me, which can only mean that it has all the right ‘ingredients’ (pain, joy, love, pride, etc). Keep up the good work!” 

Suzanne Tobey, Corning, NY


“On Monday I picked up your book that I had received for Christmas and got started on my reading. I finished your book in three days! From cover to cover I couldn’t stop reading!! I absolutely loved the book and all of its characters! I love the ideas that your book portrayed and I could really connect with trials of the young heroine, Alysa. Your descriptiveness throughout the book was so captivating! Almost like I have seen Xunar-kun for myself and have walked through the settlement at High Point! Every emotion that Alysa went through, I did also. I cried and laughed and was afraid and was angry at times. The book’s ending was exactly as I was hoping it would be! I can’t wait for the next one!! As soon as I find out it’s available I’ll be sure to get my hands on a copy!”

Amy S., student, Corning, NY


“I have to tell you that Alysa of the Fields was wonderful. At first I thought it was a story for a much younger reader (15-25) but as I read on, I couldn’t put the book down. I can’t wait for book two. It’s funny, the last sci-fi/fantasy book series I became addicted to was Harry Potter. I see this series (Alysa of the Fields) just as good if not better. Good work! Please let me know when the next book is out. Thanks for a great story.” 

Frank Moscia, Wellsboro, PA


“I loved your book. I hope you sell a bunch of them and write a sequel. I can’t wait! I loved the story, and I could really see how you used your training as an anthropologist in developing the different cultures. Great story. It was hard to put the book down. I think it’s a great story for adults as well as teens.”

Linda LeBoutillier, Eagle, PA


“…many people my age would enjoy this novel, as it ties escapist fiction with issues of human nature.”

Meredith G., student, Corning, NY


“I really enjoyed reading this! It will make an excellent story for a teen audience. The characters really clicked with me.”

Ellen P., student, Corning, NY


“I enjoyed Tina’s storytelling. She really had me visiting Xunar-kun.”

Rosemary Stevens, co-author of What My Family Needs to Know, Binghamton, NY


“I loved Alysa of the Fields. The detail of the world and the depth of the characters are beautiful. Thank you for providing such a lovely piece of work.”

Tracey Thompson, Corning, New York


“Alysa is a wonderful character that questions the status quo. She goes on instinct and faith. Faith that even though we don’t know where we are being led, if we keep the faith we will prevail.”

Lynette Cornell, massage therapist, Phoenix, AZ


“I loved this book a lot!! I’m going to be the first to buy it!”

Sean S., student


“I love your book!”

Julie P., student, Corning, NY

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Book Two

“You did a fine job on the first book, but I can see your writing is maturing and you are more comfortable as a writer. You showed your sense of humor several times throughout the story, making the story more entertaining and the characters more life-like (though your character development was fine in the first book, this enhances it). I also appreciated your foreshadowing. As the book's mysteries were revealed, I realized that you had provided clues. The foreshadowing clues were subtle - like a GOOD mystery writer.

Aside from the rich world you created, you also present philosophies, insight into how relationships work and so on. Since Science Fiction is where most teens start reading, this is a great service to them! Though at 55, I can appreciate it, too! The genre might be Sci-Fi, but the atmosphere is magical with all the vivid imaginary creatures you have created, so it can easily be mistaken as Fantasy. Great job! I eagerly await your next book!”

Art Hofstetter, musician & retired IT


“I found the book very hard to put down. Tina does an excellent job of crafting this new, ancient world and its peoples. I would put this series in a class with Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books.”

John G. Howland, IT networking, Montgomery, AL


“Tina’s book takes you on a great journey. I loved the lakes and snow tunnels. I also appreciated that the characters became friends and respected each other. I really enjoy the fact that there will be other books of journeys to other lands. Tina’s books are very hard to put down!” 

Sandra Margeson, tech designer, Corning, NY


“The characters really came into their own in Book Two and we learn much more about life on Xunar-kun. The ending is riveting and I could not put the book down. I feel part of the TrailFolk family and can’t wait for Book Three to see where their adventures taken them!” 

Janet Stafford, Horseheads, NY


“I liked the story-line and the characters you’ve created. You built real personalities for these folks and although they are fantasy people, places, animals and experiences, they are compelling. I've truly enjoyed the experience of reading both Books 1 and II, and am looking forward to Book III of your trilogy.” 

Sharon DeHaas, artist, Athens, PA


“I could not put this book down. A wonderful story, perhaps prophetical. Tina gives us drama, adventure and a serious look at relationships as they’re and could be.” 

Kathleen Richardson, writer, Corning, NY


“Lovely, real characters and fun adventure. A nice progression from the coming of age story about Alysa to a broader perspective about her changing world.” 

Tracey Thompson, communications designer, Corning, NY


“I really liked this book. The story is great, the characters are becoming real, the events suspenseful, and I was left wanting more! I found that I wanted to read on and on. Thank you for the read! What's next!” 

Rosemary Stevens, co-author of What My Family Needs to Know, Binghamton, NY


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